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CIRLE What is FAX to Email?

FAX to Email - Receiving FAX by email !!
SIncoming FAXes will be converted to PDF files and
Sdelivered to your email box

CIRLE Why pay more for the lightly used line?
  • FAX Line cost

    Basic Business Line Pricing Example
    FAX to Email CAD$6.95*/mo.
    * 6.95/mo is base on 12 months prepaid

  • FAX to Email helps you SAVE more than CAD$ 300 per year!!

    I want to sign up for an FAX to Email service Now ..... more

icon FAX to Email Service features
  • Keep current FAX number *
  • Cut land line cost
  • Cut FAX Toner / paper / ink consumption cost
  • Cut printing waste for all Junk FAXes
  • Customers never receive busy tone
  • Up to 5 e-mail recipients
  • Unlimited incoming FAX pages
  • Online archive for FAXes received
  • Receive your FAX on iPad / iPhone / Android or PC
  • No Contract / No Hidden Fees / CancelAnytime
  • As an economical scanner, FAX the document to yourself

    FAX to Email is designed for received incoming FAX only, but you are free to utilize your remain phone line (if any) along with your FAX machine for out-going Fax.

CIRLE FAX to Email Service FAQ
1. Are there any requirements to use FAX to Email?

To receive your fax, all you need is an email address.


2. How do I receive a fax?

All the incoming Faxes sent to you arrive in your email Inbox. Just check your email! You may also log into Portal at to pick up your received faxes.


3. After switching, How do I send a fax out?

Although outgoing FAX is not supported by FAX to Email, You can still hook up your FAX machine to your other regular business line (if any) for outgoing Fax.

Remember to set you FAX machine to TELEPHONE mode (also known as Manual mode). In this mode, the fax machine will not pick up your phone line.


4. Will my FAX to Email ever get a busy signal?

Your FAX to Email is an never busy number.


5. Is the FAX to Email service secure?

Yes, all the received faxes are completely handled by a secure server and there is no human interaction with your fax.


6. Can I keep my current fax number?

Yes, there are 20 major cities FAX numbers are possible to be port to FAX to Email, please click here to find out if your current number could to be ported or not.


7. Is the FAX to Email service really unlimited?

Yes, However, The FAX to Email is not meant to be used as an alternative for massive marketing campaigns. If your organization is trying to run a major marketing campaign and expecting more than few thousands pages per month please contact us in advance for special project pricing.