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Support VoIP Device Configuration - Linksys PAP2 (sipura SAP-2102)

VoIP Device Configuration
Linksys PAP2 (sipura SAP-2102) Phone Adapter Configuration
How to call out
Device Configuration


The Linksys Phone Adapter enables use of our high-quality feature-rich telephone service through your cable or DSL Internet connection. Just plug it into your home Router or Gateway and use the two standard telephone jacks to connect your existing phones. Each phone jack operates independently, with separate phone service and phone numbers -- like having two phone lines. With AlldayTalk, you'll get clear telephone reception, even while using the Internet at the same time for normal data operations.

How to call out
Dialing to United States or Canada
1+ area code + phone number (For example : 15107654321)
Dialing to World Wide
011+ country code + city code + phone number (For example : 011862187654321)
Device Configuration
Discover IP address which PAP2 get : Pickup phone set, dial 4 * first then press 110#. Logon into PAP2 through http://ip address/. After logon on, Click Admin Login from default page(show as below)
After change to Admin page(see as below), click Line 1 Tab from top menu bar.
From Basic view(show as below), modify some parameter as follow.
1. Line Enable : Modify to Yes. (Line 2: Modify to No)
2. SIP Port : 5060
3. Proxy : or other address as SIP Agent address from register confirmation e-mail
4. Register : Modify to Yes.
5. Make/Ans Call Without Reg. : Both modify to No.
6. Register Expires : Modify to 3600.
7. Display Name : Same as register confirmation e-mail. This name will show on destination endpoint.
8. User ID : Same as Local ID from register confirmation e-mail.
9. Auth ID : Same as Authentication ID from register confirmation e-mail.
10. Password : Same as password from register confirmation e-mail.
11. Use Auth ID : Modify to Yes.
Click (switch to Advance view) tab on top menu bar then click Line1.
Scroll down to the bottom to modify dial plan.
Add (|1xxxxxxxxxxS0|999xxxxxxxxxxS0|011xxxxxxxxxxxxx) into the Dial Plan window(show as below).
Use this dial plan can decrease dialing time
Modify Preferred Codec to G729a in Audio Configuration(show as below). Modify Silence Supp Enable to No. Modify Use Pref Codec Only to No.
After modified all of the required information. Click Save Settings button to save it then re-boot your CPG box.
Why do I hear quick busy signal after pick up the telephone without entering any number?

The default setting of PAP2 expects you to dial a phone number quite quickly with little delay between each digit, and then take several seconds to actually dial the number once you’ve entered all the digits.
If you did not enter any digits after pick up the phone, it responses with busy signal after 3 seconds by default. To improve this, login into PAP2 web interface, enter advance setting, and adjust the Regional settings in the admin area. Under Control Timer Values category, you can adjust the Interdigit Short Timer from default 3 seconds to acceptable time. A suggestion value of 7 second is recommended.

Why does PAP2 take a long time to make a dial, after entering the phone number?

This is the default setting of PAP2. After you complete enter the phone number, PAP2 will wait for 10 seconds to make a dial by default. You can press “#” after entering the whole phone number each time, so it will make a dial right away. You can also adjust the default setting by login into PAP2 web setup interface, entering Advance Setting, and enter Regional setting. Under Control Timer Value category, reduce Interdigit Long Timer from 10 to acceptable value. A suggestion value of 5 seconds is recommended.