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Support VoIP Device Configuration - EasyPhone (HT-812P)

VoIP Device Configuration
EasyPhone Phone Adapter Configuration
How to call out
Device Configuration


HT-812P is a low-priced gateway with one FXS ports and one PSTN live line port, developed by HyberTone Technology for foreign market. HT-812P can let users choose to use VoIP or the ordinary telephone line (PSTN) to call out. When the circuit is cut off, it will be switched to ordinary phone line automatically. This gateway can cooperate with the H.323of most domestic operators or does not need upgrade on SIP system. HT-812P offers one standard 24V FXS telephone interfaces to accord with such telecom standards as Europe, North America, China, etc. and can cooperate with various standard telephones, cordless telephone.

How to call out
Dialing to United States or Canada
1+ area code + phone number (For example : 15107654321)
Dialing to World Wide
011+ country code + city code + phone number (For example : 011862187654321)
Device Configuration
Default login : admin/admin
Step 1 : Discover the IP address which your box get. To discover IP → Use any analog phone set connect to the phone jack then dialed *01.
After logon get windows like below.
Step 2 : Configure SIP Account setting
Click left hand side Configuration Tab and get the windows like below.
For VoIP service, we need enter some required information in Call Setting tabs.
Set SIP proxy IP to other address as SIP Agent address from register confirmation e-mail).
Register expired sets to 40.
Phone Number must setup the same as ‘Local ID’ from register confirmation e-mail.
Display name can set to anything(This information will set to the remote side CPG).
Authentication ID must setup the same as Authentication ID from register confirmation e-mail. Password also the same as register confirmation e-mail.

Step 3 : Configure Phone Call setting
Click Right hand side Advance Setting inside Call Settings Tabs. Modify NAT Keep-alive to enable. Modify Jitter Buffer Mode to adaptive. Add signaling port to 5060. Set RTP Payload Type to 101.

Step 4 : Save Setting Click Save Changes on Left hand side menu. After Configuration saved windows pop-up, click OK to continue.
Step 5 : Reboot box to let setting effective Click Tools on Left hand side menu then you will retrieve sub-menu(show as below). Click Reboot let your setting effective.