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General FAQ


What is Alldaytalk

Alldaytalk is using VOIP ( Voice Over IP ) technology through high speed internet to offer customers make a local or long distance call with cost-effective calling solutions. Moreover, Alldaytalk includes lot of FREE advanced and basic calling features which most people have to pay extra to receive with their current local phone provider.

Does Alldaytalk work with my Shaw/Roger Cable or Telus/Bell ADSL internet service ?

Alldaytalk works with most high speed internet service, for example, Telus/Bell ADSL or Shaw/Roger Cable or even some satellite internet services. If you have cable then Alldaytalk can replace your Telus phone service. Since  ADSL customers need a phone line for ADSL service itself, Alldaytalk can be your best solution as a second phone line.

I have a Shaw/DSL Lite service or dial up service. Can I still use ALLDATTALK?

We do not recommend our customers use Alldaytalk with these internet services, as they can not offer enough bandwidth to support good sound quality and stability.  A high speed package will provide better quality of voice service.

What is the difference between my current phone line service with Alldaytalk Service, how about the voice quality compare between them?

Alldaytalk easily transforms your High Speed Internet service into a phone line. It works seamlessly in the same way as your phone service does with your local phone company. It also provides advanced call features and can be used with a standard phone set.  Most important, you pay less for this service. The sound quality is almost indistinguishable between Alldaytalk and a traditional phone line as the leading edge VOIP technology has matured.

Can I transfer or port my existing phone number to Alldaytalk?

Currently you can transfer most phone numbers within the Canada. You can check to see if your existing phone number is portable or not. Please see Keeping My Existing Phone Number for a detailed FAQ about the transfer procedures will be involved

I do not want to keep my existing phone number, but can I choose any phone number I want when I sign up with Alldaytalk?

When you sign up online  with Alldaytalk, there is one step in which you can choose your phone numbers from a list of numbers made available by Alldaytalk. Currently, customers can not pick any phone number they want to use with the service.

I like to get multiple phone lines and go phone numbers hunting, is it possible?

It Is possible to use two phone lines at most with Alldaytalk phone adapter, if you subscribe two phone lines service, you can even go phone number hunting, so two different member can answer the call in the same time.

Can I use my computers and the service for internet access in the same time or do I need to turn on my computer to use Alldaytalk?

Alldaytalk works independently of your computer, so you can make and receive calls while surfing the web or even  your computers are turned off.

Can I keep the service and phone number if I move within Canada?

Yes, as long as you are Alldaytalk customers, you can keep the service and phone number, no matter where you move to within Canada.

Can I use the service when I travel in other countries?

Basically, currently Alldaytalk service is fully test within major cities in Canada, it is technically possible to use this service in other countries, but we can not guarantee if it will work out of Canada.

Can I use fax or dial up with the service?

Yes, you can. There is no additional charge for using them with Alldaytalk although some functionality or operations from the Alldaytalk service may be limited.

I have Security Alarm System , which hook up to a monitor company and installed at my home, can I still use your service?

Unfortunately, Alldaytalk service currently is not compatible to security alarm system which connect to a monitor company, therefore you may need to cancel the monitor service before you use our service, since you may need a traditional phone line to notify your monitor company in case of a house break-in.

VoIP is a High Speed Internet service. Alarm systems require primary land line to be able to report emergencies. High Speed Internet service will not work in the case of a power outage and would therefore not be a reliable replacement for a primary phone line for the purpose of a home alarm system

Your current plans are all for residential usage, but do you have plans which are suitable for commercial usage?

Currently, our plans are dedicated to residential users and usage only ( please see our terms and contract ), and we will make new plans for commercial usage users soon at competitive commercial rates.

I currently have local telephone service. Can I plug your phone adaptor into a wall jack in my house and use it at the same way or same time as my local telephone service ( in house wiring) ? What happen if I do not have local telephone service?

If you still have local telephone service, to do so may damage the phone adaptor and you are doing it on your own risk, but if you do not have local telephone service, then it may work, please consult it with our technical support team, but we did not guarantee its success. Another better way to solve the problem is you can purchase extendable cordless phones with multiple handsets, so you can use them in any place you need.

I live in apartment and can I use your service with intercom system, so I can open door for my visitors?

Yes, please connect a RJ-11phone line between your intercom wall jack and the PSTN port of our phone adaptor, thus, you can use telephone handset on the phone adaptor to open the door for your visitors..