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Do I need a router or hub?

It depends on your network environment, if you have one computer, then you only need a hub, but if you have multiple computers, then you may need an router to work with the service. You can refer the Installation Guides section for detail information. Please noted, currently, our phone adaptor may not support to install behind some firewall devices unless it is configured particularly to open some special ports on your firewall, therefore If you have this particular requirement, please let us know after you sign up, so we can tell your how to configure it after we ship it out.

Do I need a computer to use Alldaytalk?

You do not need a computer to enjoy our service.


Will I be able to use your voice over IP service with my existing networking equipment?

Yes, as long has your networking and devices are configured properly, our service will work with your existing network.

Can I use a voice over IP phone that I purchased from another supplier?

No. At this time Alldaytalk requires the provided phone adaptor or gateway broadband device for operation.


My phone doesn't seem to be working. What could be wrong?

1.Check to make sure that your cable or ADSL modem is plugged in and its lights are on.
2.Check the physical connection between your phone adaptor  WAN port and your cable/adsl modem's local network port.
3.Verify that your Ethernet cable is in good condition and not crimped or frayed.
4.Make sure that your phone is plugged into the VOIP1 port.  You can click  for trouble shooting too.