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Single Computer FAQ
What you will need:
-- At least three Ethernet Cables
-- One 3-5 port Hub/Router
-- One standard telephone line
-- One standard analog telephone.
-- The Alldaytalk Telephone Adapter.
-- The Alldaytalk Telephone Adapter power supply.
Turn off the power for all devices, including your Cable/DSL modem, hub/router and computer.
Make sure you have at least  two dynamic IP from your ADSL/Cable internet supplier. If you don't, please call their technical support line and request a second IP address.
Connect an Ethernet cable from the Cable/DSL modem's Ethernet port to the WAN port on the back of the Hub/Router.
Connect the second Ethernet cable from the one of Ethernet port on the HUB/Router to the WAN port ( NOT LAN port ) on back of Phone Adapter.
Connect a standard analog telephone to the VOIP1 port on the back of the Phone Adapter using a standard phone line. (Note: any phone designed for residential use is an analog phone and will work. For cordless phone systems, make sure you are connecting to the base/transmitter).
Turn on the Cable/DSL modem. Wait until it is successfully connected (see your modem's user manual or contact your ISP if you are unsure of how to tell when the modem is connected)
Connect the provided power cable to the POWER port on the back of the phone adapter, connect the other end to any standard home outlet (wall plug, surge-protector, etc).
Verify that the green POWER light on the front of the phone device is a steady green. If it is not, check your power connection again.
If you are TELUS ADSL user, you may need to go to their website at to register the WAN MAC address of the Alldaytalk phone adapter into it first.  You can find the WAN MAC address on the white label of the phone adapter, its format will look something like this: 00:90:96:1A:2B:3C or 00-90-96-1A-2B-3C, please consult TELUS ADSL installation manual for this step. For Shaw cable user, this step is not needed

Location for our box's MAC address :
The WAN light on the front of the phone adapter will begin to flash, then become stable when it connects to the internet (you may hear several soft click sound. This is normal).
Once the green VOIP service light is steady on, you are ready to place calls. Pick up your telephone receiver. The VOIP1 port light should be a steady green and you should hear a dial tone. You have finished the voice portion of installation and can begin making calls. (Note: when you hang up the receiver, the VOIP1 port light will turn off).
Connect the third Ethernet cable from one of the Ethernet ports on the HUB/Router to the Ethernet port on the back of your computer.
Turn on your computer. After your operating system loads, use a web browser to verify that you can access the internet.
If any problem, please check our installation troubleshooting.