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Calling Plans and Rates FAQ


Is there a setup fee or other charge when I first subscribe for your calling plans?

No, we do not have account activation fee, but only a deposit charge of $100 applies for our phone adaptor rental service. The deposit is returned if you choose to return the phone adapter.

What rate plans does Alldaytalk have available?

ALLDAYTLAK currently offers three residential calling plans tailored for customers who make call for the local and long distance.

Digital Home Phone - $11.95:
Unlimited local calls and nine calling features. Long distance call will apply by our regular international rate.

Extra package
320 Calling Extra Pack - $5.00:
320 Minutes Long Distance Pack will include total 300 minutes long distance call to 20 locations, and call over 300 minutes will be charged by our Regular Calling Rates.
660 Calling Extra Pack - $10.00:
660 Minutes Long Distance Pack will include total 620 minutes long distance call to 20 locations, and call over 620 minutes will be charged by our Regular Calling Rates.

Please see Our Service for more information.

How do you charge me when I first subscribe to your service and also can I change my rate plan at any time, and if yes, how do I change my rate plan?

Yes. you can switch to a new plan at any time. But the new plan will only take effect from next billing cycle usually that will be first day of each month. You can call our customer service for the plan change.
When you first time enroll to our plan, we will calculate rate portion from the date after Satisfaction Guarantee period till end of that month, and then from next billing cycle, you will be charged by the whole price of your selected plan.

Is there a service fee to switch between rate plans?

So far, we do not charge you the service fee for changing plans.


What is your Satisfaction Guarantee period and is it really no obligation or is there a limitation ? How you charge my long distance call during the the period?

Our Satisfaction Guarantee period is 14 days, and it lets you try the service with no worries.  The period is calculated from the date you sign up with us, and usually shipping will take one or two working days. If you decide not to subscribe with us after the period, we will refund you whole amount of your first charge, once we receive the phone adaptor and original invoice from you. The refund  will  include your setup fee, phone adaptor deposit and your first month plan fee or its portion, but please note, if in this case, no matter which plan you choose, during the period, all your long distance calls will still be CHARGEABLE, NOT Refundable and also their rate will be calculated based on our "Regular International Calling Rate".

Are there any charges for incoming calls or faxes?

Currently, our service did not charge for incoming calls and faxes.

Do I get a phone number with the ALLDAYTLAK calling plans?

Yes, you can select a phone number from our  phone list, and this phone number will stick stay with you as long as you continue to be an Alldaytalk service subscriber.