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Troubleshooting FAQ
My computer can get online, but sometimes I can not hear dial tone when I pick up the phone handset?

First, you should see whether the VOIP service light on the front of the Alldaytalk Phone Adapter is blinking or steady. If it is blinking, then it means the box is not connected to the internet. In this case, you need to re-set or reboot the AC power on the phone box to let it get online. If the light is steady, you should check that the RJ11 connector is plugged in properly between your handset and box and VOIP1 port.

My friend try to fax me, but failed.

Alldaytalk only allows you to send and accept an incoming FAX manually.
Send fax: Pick up the fax phone and dial the destination fax number , after you hear the fax modem tone, press start and send out the fax.

(Please note: Some Fax machines without handsets may not be able to use our system to send faxes. Also sending or receiving a fax from some locations may not be possible)

My computer can not get online, and my Alldaytalk phone won't  work either.

1. Please check the Cable or ADSL Modem to see whether  the "online" light is blinking. If yes, please unplug the AC power of the Cable or ADSL Modem and plug it in again. If the "online" light is still blinking that means your internet connection is dropped. Please call your Internet Service Provider to solve it.

2.Please check the WAN light is blinking in the Broadband phone box? , if not, then please check the network connections between your Cable or ADSL modem with your hub, router and the Phone Adapter box.

3.Please check whether the  VOIP service light is blinking or not in the Broadband phone box. Un-plug and then plug-in the AC power of the Phone Adapter box. If the VOIP service light is still blinking after one minute then un-plug the  network cable in the Shaw or ADSL Modem. Wait 30 seconds and then plug it in again. (Note: Shaw Cable users need to call Shaw to confirm your have two dynamic IP addresses)
(Note: Telus ADSL users, should go to and check the Mac Address is registered correctly in their internal web site) If the VOIP light is still blinking or your problem is not solved yet, please contact our tech support team.

I am using Shaw cable high speed internet and I have problem to install my computer and phone to get online at same time.

Please call Shaw Cable to verify you have two dynamic IP addresses, so it will support your two devices to get online in the same time. If you only have one, please request another from their technical support team. There is no charge for this service.

I can only hear one way, what is wrong with my set up?

It could be that you installed our phone adapter behind the firewall or your router has the special firewall rules implemented. You can try following steps to solve the problem:

1. Download and install the latest firmware for your router: Please visit the router manufacturer's web site to download the firmware
2. Complete a factory reset on the router: Review the router's documentation for the factory reset and be aware that your Internet Provider may have special configuration requirements such as a username and password, which you may need to re-configure after the factory reset is performed
3. Firewall: Firewall rules that conflict with the phone / adapter's Internet ports will cause a disruption in service. Only if you configured specific firewall rules and are familiar with the configuration, please allow the following ports for the phone adapter; otherwise your router does not need extra firewall rules. You can contact our technical support team for this issue.

therefore, please see the Installation Guide for correct setup procedures.

Sound Quality is poor.

There are several reasons that may cause poor voice quality. It is  usually due to lack of bandwidth. If you are using computers on the net at the same time, then you should make sure they are not infected with a virus ,spy ware or adware. Another issue that may consume your bandwidth is you are running a P2P program, like eDonkey, Btorrent or Imesh etc... you should limit the upload and download bandwidth from the programs to let the voice packets have enough bandwidth to pass through.

If it is not one of these  problems, then you should check with your ISP to make sure your internet connection conditions are normal.

How could I get more help beside the troubleshooting FAQ?

If you are Alldaytalk customers, then you can Login to your member area, and there are more help you can get from there..

I try all your suggestion and it is still not working, so how can I contact you?

You can always reach us by click Contact us page for further help, our technical support is happy to assist you with your problem.

I can make local calls but can not call internationally.

If you want to make an international call, please dial as the following format

To USA 1+(area code) + phone number

To other countries 011+(country code) + (area code) +phone number