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Alldaytalk Broadband Digital Phone allows you to manually send and receive faxes.
To send a fax: Pick up the handset of your fax machine and dial the destination fax number.
After you hear the fax modem tone, press the start button to start sending the fax. (Support FAX T.38 Codec)
please note:
We only support the manually procedure to send out fax. Some fax machine without handset might not be able to use our system to send fax.
Due to various internet conditions, we can not guarantee a 100% of success rate when sending and receiving faxes.

a Caller ID Display

When there is an incoming call , the caller ID will be displayed on your caller ID device or on your phone with caller ID display function.
(please note: This feature may not work in some situation due to various devices or carriers.)

a Call Waiting

Alldaytalk Call Waiting allows you to accept an incoming call while you're already on a phone call. This feature places your first call on hold while you answer the second incoming call.
How it work
While you're on the phone, a beep tone alerts you to another incoming call. If available, the new phone number also displays on your Caller ID device. If you want to take the call, press the flash button or switch hook on your phone to enable Call Waiting.

a Call Detail Record Check

You can log on to to check all your phone call records:
Include time / length of calls / destination number / caller number.
(Please note that there will be about 20 minutes delay on our web site for call records)

a Missed Calls Check

You can log on to to check all the phone calls you missed in the past three months.

a Those call forwarding features have to be set up via with "My Portal"

Call Forwarding - All
You can forward all of your incoming calls to any phone number you choose.
Call Forwarding - Busy
You can send incoming calls to any phone number you choose while you're already on a phone call.
Call Forwarding - No Answer
You can send incoming calls to any phone number you choose while you cannot pick up your phone call.

Setup steps as below:

  • Go to, then click menu bar "My Protal" and Login
  • Make sure your service and click "Service Detail"
  • You will find the list "Extra Feature" at Tieus Broadband Phone Information
  • Click which one you want to setup then click "View"
  • Key in the number you want to setup then click "Confirm Add"
    ( noteļ¼šall phone number you want to setup is required to put "1" followed by the area code and phone number, International phone number have put 011 + country code )
a Service backup function -never missed incoming calls

Alldaytalk Service backup function service will automatically forward all your incoming calls to your deditcated cell phone or any other phone you have setup before during power outages or when your internet connection is down.

Alldaytalk Service backup function is packed with powerful features like:

  • Forward to any number worldwide.
  • Long distance charge may be applied if your forwarding destination number is out of our FREE on-net cities or its an oversea phone number.
  • To activate your Service backup function - login My Portal and set it up over internet, by key in fowrard number as 1 + area code + phone number for North American, or 011 + country code + area code + phone number if you want to forward your calls to an oversea number.