General Section

  • How soon can I use your service after signing up with you?
    Depends on your existing service conditions:
    a. If you are using SHAW cable right now, the signal your new activation service should be up and running within 2-4 business days. There is no need for onsite installation from SHAW technicians.
    b. If you are not an existing SHAW customer, additional onsite hookup will be needed which may take 1-2 weeks to complete.

  • How do I know you can provide the services to my address?
    Currently we only provide the services to British Columbia and Alberta, and might expand our services into other areas in the future. Because we utilize the same physical network from Shaw, if you are in the BC or AB province and know Shaw can provide services to your location (TV or Internet), then we can provide our Internet services to you. You are welcome to call our customer service as well, we will be happy to check the availability for you.

  • Do you provide FREE transfer from other Internet providers?
    We will return the $85 initiation fee back to you automatically after you continually use our services for 6 full months. You don’t need to call us for the refund of setup fee, our systems are programmed to return the fee back to you when 6 months requirements has met.

  • Do you provide FREE shipping for modem and router?
    YES! We provide FREE shipping for our hardware (cable modem and router)

  • Do you provide FREE modem and router rental?
    YES! All the hardware required for our Internet access is free of charge. You will need to provide a total of $80 refundable deposit for both devices (modem and router). In case of hardware failure, we will offer a free exchange of hardware. If you stop using our services, you can return the hardware back to us and we will refund the $80 deposit back to you, no questions asked.

  • When should I cancel my current (existing) Internet provider after I order your services?
    After you place your order with us via phone or online, DON’T cancel your existing Internet services just yet. Please wait until our Internet services are on, then you can call your existing provider to cancel their services. This is to guarantee the seamless transfer without downtime for you. 

  • What is the difference between Cable Internet or DSL Internet?
    Cable Internet use your home’s cable outlet (TV outlet) for Internet connection. DSL use your home’s phone outlet for Internet connection. Both types of connections can provide good and stable Internet service. (Please check on Shaw or Telus’ web site for more detailed service differences)

  • What download speed should I expect for the package I subscribed?
    If you chose a cable Internet package (which uses Shaw’s physical network), you are normally provided within about 80%~100% of the advertised speed. For example, if you subscribe to Cable 20M, you should get the overall speed between 16M ~ 20M. In some rare case, some customers can get a bit higher than 20M speeds during the speedtest.

Billing Section

  • When will I expect my first bill from you?
    We will first bill you the refundable hardware deposit fee upon shipping the devices to you. (In most cases $80 for modem + router). After your requested services are approved by Shaw Cable or Telus, we will then charge you another refundable initiation fee of $85, which will automatically be refunded back to you after 6 month of using our services. We then bill you on the first week of each month the Service fee after our services start.

  • Why is your services much cheaper than Shaw or Telus? How is this possible?
    This is the Telecom Decision by CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission), a government identity that allows larger telecom company to resell their services to smaller company to promote better services and competition. We purchase the high speed Internet access from Shaw or TELUS at wholesale price and resell to our customers at much lower price compared to them. Because we are smaller technical company, we do not have a huge overhead cost and no need for a huge advertising budget. We then reflect these savings directly back to our valued customers.

  • Will you increase your services fee after customer using your services?
    NO!  Unlike other providers who always have lower rate for few months and then twice the rate after, or an increment the rate every year, we use a flat rate and wholesale model which provides the lowest rate possible for our customers. Although it may not predict on future performance, we have not raised the monthly service rate for any of our customers for the past five years, so rest assured!

  • Could I continue to use TV services from Shaw or Telus after I switch my Internet to your company?
    Yes! TV services can be purchased separately from Shaw or Telus, without using their Internet services. Although our company also provides IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) packages, you can continue to use your existing TV provider’s services without changing to us.

  • What is my billing cycle?
    After initial hardware deposit fee, Your Internet billing cycle is based on calendar month. Your invoices are generated first day of each month.

  • What kind of payment options do I have?
    We charge our service fee monthly and we prefer credit card payment. If you prefer to pay by cheque you will be required to make pre-pay for 6 months in advance to reduce the processing cost. Ask our accounting department if you have any special requirements or concerns.

  • How do I access my billing information, will you send me an invoice or notification?
    All your invoices (current and past) will be available online through your personal web portal. The customer portal provides the single location for you to review and/or print your invoices. We do not send out invoices by mail, however, we will send an e-mail notification of your monthly charge to let you know how much service fee we will process.

  • Will my existing service provider continue to charge me when I cancel my services?
    If your existing Internet services provider is Shaw Cable or Telus, they should stop your billing on the next day after you call them to cancel the services. You might need to return your existing hardware back to Shaw or Telus upon canceling their services.
  • When should I return my equipment after I cancel my service with your company?
    We provides two hardware options for customers : a) Purchase or b) Free Rental.
    For the free rental option, an additional hardware purchase fee will be applied if hardware is not return within 30 days of the cancellation.
    For the purchased hardware, there is no need to return hardware and no any refund will be made.

Technical Support Section

  • Do you provide onsite services?
    In most case, we don’t need to go to your place for installation. Technology support from Shaw or Telus will go to your location to hook up the Internet signal and you will only need to connect the modem to the wall. For example, if you are cable customer, all you need to do is connect the modem we provided you to the cable outlet in your home. After connecting the router to the modem, you are all set. For certain exceptions we can provide onsite services when needed, at $30 per hour, availability depending on your service location.
  • Do you provide 24 hour Call Centre services?
    We do not provide 24 hour Call Centre services. Our office hours are from 10:0AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday. Normally when Shaw has an area maintenance or network outage, your services will be affected too. The service should be back fairly soon. You can always check Shaw’s outage update here:
    When outside of our office hours, you can always report the problem to our web sites and an assigned engineer or customer services representative will get back to you.
  • When I have an Internet problem or technical questions, who should I contact?
    Because you are our direct customers, any questions regarding your Internet services should be answered by our customer or technical support. They can be reached at:  604-606-0668 or http://en2.alldaytalk.com/contact.asp
  • Why sometimes I get different speeds between my devices such as computer and cell phone or tablet?
    Depend on computing power of your devices and the condition of the wireless when you measure the speed (i.e.  wireless strength and interference) you often will get different speed. To make sure you get the most speeds, we have fine tuned the router we provided to you to help you get the best overall Internet experience. If you have a particular problem, you are welcome to contact our technical support team.
  • What Internet package should I subscribe to?
    Although we provide top speed packages, we will never up sell the services to you if you don’t require it. Unlike companies like Shaw or Telus who up sell you the most advanced package such as 150M download speed, with our customer service mindset you only need to buy the most efficient package for your home. Depending on the number of users in your house and your usage behavior, we will recommend the most cost effective package for you. We have a lot of happy customers with 4 members in their household who find the 20M cable Internet meets their requirements. Call for free consultation.
  • How to test my download and upload speed after I subscribe your services?
    Always use the http://speedtest.net to test your overall speed. Speedtest.net is a trustworthy 3rd party provider of bandwidth testing tools. To get the most accurate speed test results, please connect your computer or laptop physically to the router with an Ethernet cable. Remember to temporarily disable your computer’s wireless connection to make sure the device is using the Ethernet cable to connect to Internet. Speed tests with wireless devices such as tablets or cell phones will have interference with other wireless signals and as such cannot get accurate results.
  • Could I bring my own hardware equipment such as modem and router?
    We provide modem and router to you free of charge to make sure you have the best overall experience. If you need to use your own equipments, please make sure it is compatible with Shaw or Telus network. You can check the supported hardware device on their web site. Please contact us for more details.
  • Modem and Router connection figure